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September 10, 2009


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Oh Jake, I've been wandering back here yet again to reread your post...
A musing I've pondered so often...

Meredith J. Masse

I'm certainly no climber, but might argue that climbers climb simply because they need to... that this is something that's ingrained. Maybe? It's about natural talents, innate abilities, even instincts that make you natural climbers? As a Certified Kolbe Consultant that's what I help people understand about themselves: what are you naturally hardwired to excel at doing? Kolbe Wisdom teaches:

"Individual performance can be predicted with great accuracy by comparing a person's M.O. -- unique method of operation, or modus operandi -- with self-expectations and the requirements of specific tasks. Performance fluctuates based on how closely these elements align."

So maybe it's true for climbers too? Food for thought.

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