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November 04, 2009


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Thanks for the article - interesting read. Here's one vote for you to write about HACE as well.


Yes, this is very interesting! (you asked).

I had my personal experience of near death while climbing K2 on 2003 and I my life was saved by my friends climbers.

pulmonary disease

Some occupational pollutants such as cadmium and silica do increase the risk of COPD. Persons at risk for this type of occupational pollution include coal miners, construction workers, metal workers, cotton workers, etc. (Most of this risk is associated with cigarette smoking and these occupations, an issue not well controlled for. These occupations are more often associated with interstitial lung diseases, especially the pneumoconioses) Nevertheless, the adverse effects of smoking cigarettes on lung function are far greater than occupational exposure.

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I can't believe that you climb this mountain!

Tina Iannone

It's an excellent article. I once moved to Estes Park to Colorado to work for the summer, from Florida. We had a party where I drank a lot after we got there and I was sick as a dog for days. I even went to a doctor thinking I was dying. He said I had mountain sickness (what ever that was). But, I finally, after 5 days began to feel better.
High altitude is serious, even for a "tourist".

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