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March 12, 2010


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Ingo Schnabel

Nepal is in transition now. Be aware of paradigm shifts!
Some are maybe fully aware where they get themselves into by their desire to visit Nepal in this spring season...and some may hold a "picture" in their mind that does not match their expectations anymore. Nepal is a good place to go for those who are aware of the political transition and the paradigm shifts that the entire nation is undergoing right now.

Romancing Nepal as a place to visit and have great spiritual encounters or seeking new frontiers of self improvement can turn right into the opposite for those who do not keep track on Nepal's struggle for modernization and re-organization of the political landscape. The future of the newest Federal Republic on planet Earth hangs still in a confusing void. There is a new constitution in the making, that will overhaul the entire structure of the administration and physical map of Nepal's internal districts and regions. New laws are in the pipeline which will affect everything from where one desires to live and work, rules for foreign investment, rules for taxes and duties etc. One can assume that he/she can throw away his or her trekking guide book and maps after May 28, 2010 when new Federal state-boundaries are fixed with an entire set of new names for them. Federal States like for example Tamuwan, Newa, Magrath and Tharuwan will appear and Districts like Lamjung & Kaski will fuse into something totally new. Nepal is an ethnic potpourri country and tension is high now between all these clans,groups and tribes. That does not mean that it is unsafe for foreigners...it means that it may be confusing for those who do not know.

How this virtual political mess will clear up and settles into new and clear cut rules is anybodies guess here.
Beware of major strikes and road blocks in April all over the country since many a group is not satisfied with the draft constitution that will be discussed in the media then. Do not watch such events and stay away from them.

Mount Everest

I have never been to Nepal, it sounds and looks a fascinating place to be! The colours, smells and slow pace of life, no wonder so many keep returning.


Mount Everest The British Story

Climbing News


great news. thanks

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